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At Semper Fi Design, we understand the complexities of the modern digital landscape. Our comprehensive video services package offers a one-stop solution that covers everything from custom video ads to event production. Simplify your media strategy and amplify your brand’s message with Semper Fi Design.

We’re in tune with the unique digital challenges and opportunities present in Upstate South Carolina. Our all-encompassing video services package is designed to meet the specific needs of this vibrant region, providing you with a seamless solution for custom video ads and top-tier event production. Simplify your media approach and elevate your local brand with the tailored expertise of Semper Fi Design.

Complete Subscription Video Services

Video Pro Plus


/ Month

What’s Included: Two Custom Video Ads

Receive two fully-optimized video ads designed for your chosen platforms, whether it’s social media, email campaigns, or your website.

Video Platinum Elite


/ Month

What’s Included:  4 Custom Video Ads

Receive two fully optimized video ads designed for your chosen platforms, whether it’s social media, email campaigns, or your website. Everything included on the Video Pro Plus and:

Choose Semper Fi Productions for Your Wedding or Next Big Event

Picture-Perfect Vows, Video Perfect Moments with our event videos from start to finish.

Our expertise encompasses not just filming but also strategic planning, state-of-the-art audio and lighting setups, and impeccable post-production editing. Our videography package includes multi-angle shooting, drone footage, and even live-streaming options, ensuring that every emotion and milestone is captured in high-definition clarity. All this is delivered with a dedication to quality and effectiveness, hallmarks that our veteran-owned company takes to heart.

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Searching for the right video company to elevate your brand? Look no further. At Semper Fi Design, we specialize in crafting stunning videos that outshine the competition and resonate deeply with veteran businesses, first responder organizations, and their supporters. Recognizing that a solid plan is the cornerstone of success, we go beyond filming. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help you strategize, create, and achieve both your personal and professional objectives through impactful video content.


Project details will navigate the timeline for any video project. Typically a onsite video production can be filmed in a week or two and allow the same amount of time for post-production editing, color grading and sound engineering.

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Semper FI Productions is owned by USMC veteran owner of Semper FI Design LLC. Bring your ideas to life with custom graphics, website and videos. 

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