Fully managed
WordPress Web Hosting

Ensure the best-in-class experience for your community
and online learners with up to 500% faster load times and
improved performance.
Being a Google Cloud and Cloudflare official partner,
10Web provides you with the fastest compute optimized
C2 servers and enterprise CDN to meet BuddyBoss official
requirements and beyond.
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How Growth School improved their BuddyBoss website performance by 200% with 10Web Hosting?

Find out how they managed to gain 200K student base and host 400K live hours classes without any performance
issues after they migrated to 10Web hosting.

Fastest C2 servers

Being an official Google Cloud partner,
each site running on our C2 servers is
located in one of Google’s 12 data centers.
Other providers
Server performance
Server Performance Benchmark runs several performance tests of PHP and MySQL.
This affects the speed of WordPress admin and dynamic pages.
Other providers
Queries per second
Runs 1000 queries — 250 insert, select,
update and delete
functions through
and measures how many queries
were performed per second.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

With 10Web, you get Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN and
security features to boost your website performance.

Fastest CDN
DDos protection
Web application firewall
Full page cache

optimized website

Automated frontend optimization

10Web brings the ultimate solution for automatically optimizing your BuddyBoss website’s PageSpeed score
and Core Web Vitals.

Automated 90+ PageSpeed score
Improved Core Web Vitals
Image optimization
Full website caching

Managed website migration
and maintenance

Our team of engineers will take care of migrating
your website to 10Web and maintaining it regularly.

Free manual migration
Automated real-time backups
Malware removal program

VIP Support

Access 10Web’s care and engineering teams
to solve all issues at any given moment.

24/7 Live chat support
Dedicated Slack channel
Direct access to engineers

Fully managed BuddyBoss hosting, at your service

As shared and VPS hosting solutions are not powerful enough, BuddyBoss strongly recommends
cloud hosting with parameters designed specifically to help you succeed.
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